Welcome to Lake Sinclair, Milledgeville, GA

Lake Sinclair Dam

Lake Sinclair was created in 1953 when the Georgia Power Company completed Sinclair Dam. The dam, begun in 1929, is located at Furman’s Shoals in the fall line in the Oconee River. The Great Depression of the 1930’s and the Second World War interrupted work on the dam.

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Increased demand for electricity after the war resulted in resumption of the project in 1949 and its completion in 1953. It has been providing electricity for Georgians continually since its dedication.

The lake, set in the rolling hills and forests of the Georgia Piedmont, has 15,330 acres of water and over 417 miles of shoreline. It is fed by the waters of the Oconee River, Little River and many large creeks.

The water in Lake Sinclair is not only used to produce electricity at Sinclair Dam, it is also re-circulated through Wallace Dam as part of a pumped storage operation. During times of low electrical use, water from Lake Sinclair is pumped back up to Lake Oconee. Then, at times of heavy electrical use, the water is again run through the turbines at Wallace Dam to produce electricity.

A visible effect of the Wallace Dam pumped storage system is minimal fluctuation of the water level on Lake Sinclair. Particularly during the summer, water will be drawn up into Lake Oconee during the night for use during the day. Then, during the day, as the water again flows through Wallace Dam, Lake Sinclair will rise to normal level.

Georgia Power recreation area on the lake includes two boat ramps, a primitive camping and picnic area and a public fishing pier. The Oconee Wildlife Management area and the Water Fowl Management Area at the head of the lake are managed by the Georgia Department of Natural Resources with the cooperation of Georgia Power. The U.S. Forest and several surrounding communities also have public recreation areas on the lake.


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